What We Do

The tools we’ve developed to create successful brands can be deployed to create not only great brands but also great businesses, great companies, great departments, great teams (including great leadership teams) and, above all, great results. Our services can be grouped under six broad headings. Each service is accountable and designed to harmonise with all of the other services we provide.

(1) Brand-Building

  • Brand creation using proprietary Brand-Building tools. Including creation of product & service brands, departmental (internal) brands as well as developing personal brands (of particular value to C-suite)
  • Brand development and profitable brand escalation using proprietary Brand DNA tools
  • A full suite of brand and business marketing support services includes: campaign planning, campaign creation and campaign management

(2) Building Effective Teams

  • We use a range of proprietary workshops and/or tools to create harmonised teams that work towards single-minded brand and business objectives. Our techniques deliver efficient, effective teams, acting in unison to generate spectacular results

(3) Business Building

  • Our brand and business consultancy services help businesses to plan successfully and deliver effectively
  • Added to this our staff and leadership mentoring programmes can take engagement to new levels

(4) Asset Building: asset and IP Identification and Commercialisation

  • We are extremely good at generating new IP and assets from core business excellences and deploying them commercially

(5) Building Strategic Partnerships

  • Working with other brands can take you into new markets, new territories, help reopsition your brand and add new competencies to your brand assets. Our Brand-Matching tools help you find the right partners and build beneficial and sustainable relationships

(6) People Building – Training and Workshops

We offer a range of workshops that increase the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of organisations. Aimed at both staff and management these workshops include:


  • ‘How to Lose Customers’
  • ‘Dealing with Difficulkt Customers’
  • ‘Internal Customers’


  • ‘Five Knows to Gain a Yes’
  • ‘Can I persuade You to Negotiate?’


  • ‘Sweating Your Assets’
  • ‘Strategic Brand Partnerships’


  • ‘Linked In or Locked Out – Optimising the Power of Your Profile’
  • ‘Mail Me – The Way to Get the Most From Email’
  • ‘Good, Better, Best – Clear and Effective Workplace Communication’
  • ‘The Face of the Business – Effective Industry Event Speaking’
  • ‘Giving Bad News in a Good Way’


  • ‘Manage Project Management’
  • ‘Positive Delegation’
  • ‘People Skills’
  • ‘Putting a Man on the Moon – One Team’
  • ‘Being an Indespensible Employee’
  • ‘Work Smarter and Own Your Time’
  • ‘Brand Me – Leadership Through Personal Branding’
  • ‘Creating a Movement – Your Staff & Stakeholders on Side; & Keeping Them There’
  • ‘Collaborate to Succeed’

Please contact David Hall at david.hall@brands-united.com or on +44 (0) 7947429585

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